Drama · 2023 · China
Synopsis:To save the world ruled and tortured by Tantai Jin, the Devil God, Li Susu, daughter of the Hengyang Sect leader, takes a leap of faith and travels back to the world five hundred years ago. She teleports herself into the body of Ye Xiwu, the youngest daughter of the Ye family, hoping to stop Tantai Jin, the hostage prince of Jing Kingdom then who hasn’t been completely corrupted by darkness, from becoming the Devil God. But to her surprise, Tantai Jin is actually Ye Xiwu’s husband, and the two gradually fall in love with each other. Eventually, Li Susu sacrifices herself and manages to alter the fate of Tantai Jin and the world. After Susu's death, the heartbroken Tantai Jin searches for her spirit by the Nether River for five hundred years. At his last gasp, an immortal sect rescues him and takes him in as a disciple. After correcting all his wrongdoings, he reunites with Li Susu whom he misses so much. Just before the two are about to be together, Tantai Jin’s body of evil origin attracts disputes and cravings, and the three parallel worlds are once again in danger. Faced with the cruel fate, against numerous misunderstandings, the two finally unite their hearts as one. With one turning into a god and the other a devil, the two successfully turn the tide and save the world from destruction.