Drama · 2023 · China
Synopsis:"During high school, Sang Zhi's teachers frequently asked for a parent-teacher meeting. To solve this problem, Sang Zhi decided to have his older brother cover for her. However, when the siblings met, they ended up arguing and souring their relationship. Helpless, Sang Zhi turned to his brother's friend, Duan Jiaxu, who happened to be visiting their home. After Sang Zhi pleaded and begged, Duan Jiaxu agreed to attend the meeting for Sang Zhi. This marked the beginning of their connection, and Duan Jiaxu started treating Sang Zhi as his own sister, caring for her deeply.As Duan Jiaxu graduated from university and they were separated by distance, their relationship grew distant due to misunderstandings. It wasn't until Sang Zhi, now an adult, successfully entered a university in the city where Duan Jiaxu lived that they reunited. Through their increasingly intimate interactions, Sang Zhi gradually discovered the source of Duan Jiaxu's long-standing pressure. She wanted to protect this big brother who had always been good to her and rekindle her buried secret love. With Sang Zhi's companionship, Duan Jiaxu slowly solved the problem which had been bothering him, and he sincerely fell in love with the grown-up Sang Zhi. A pure and secret love finally bloomed into a beautiful flower of romance."